Webwise Discover

It has been approximately 18 months since Phorm launched their Webwise surveillance system, in February 2008.

Today, 3 June 2009, they announced the launch of 'Webwise Discover'.

Webwise Discover is based on Webwise.

It uses exactly the same method of 'Deep Packet Inspection' to intercept your private and confidential communications. It uses the same method of cookie setting, tracking, and profiling. (The difference is a cosmetic change to the presentation of ads).

"The technology uses exactly the same platform as our targeted advertising technology" - Marc Burgess Phorm (source)

It addresses none of the concerns about the privacy, security, and integrity of UK telecommunications. In fact it could even be worse; the Discover widget may need to share keywords from your communication profile with a search engine, to obtain relevant links. Phorm haven't explained how that relevant content is obtained.

Webwise remains mass personal surveillance, mass industrial espionage, and mass copyright infringement.


If your ISP implements Webwise or Webwise Discover, the advice remains the same...

Find a Phorm free ISP.

You need an ISP who can offer you a safe, secure, trustworthy, and private internet connection.


"The message has to be this: if you care about your privacy, do not use BT, Virgin or Talk-Talk as your internet provider"
- Professor Ross Anderson, Cambridge University, UK (source)

"I would want to use an ISP that doesn't [monitor which websites I go to]. I personally want to feel free."
- Sir Tim Berners Lee, Inventor of the World Wide Web, Director of the World Wide Web Consortium (source)

For more information...

Visit the InphormationDesk.org, or look at PhoneCallsUK.co.uk for a comprehensive FAQ..


Protect your right to communication privacy, security, and data integrity.
Protect your valuable web site content.
Stop Phorm.