Warning Banners

I've had a few requests for the code that drives the warning banner on this site. You're welcome to use it. (If you can't see the warning, its probably because the code hasn't identified your ISP as a Phorm partner).

The default banners look like this;

If the ISP is not identified as a Phorm partner, a 1x1 pixel image is served instead. The images are easy to customise, and the code to integrate into your pages is a doddle;

<img src="warnings.php">

Download the Code Here

Zip archive is here to download.
Current md5sum 06e75844ef031c99997e4e5aa6d4adf1

Tar.gz archive is here to download.
Current md5sum e516f6a328b856e6cfdd3bf82f895579


13-Jul-12; Added Turk Telekom domains

06-Apr-10; Added Korean Qook domains, and OI/UOL Brazil domains